Flying Experience Private Tour Over Cyprus From Larnaca 1 Hour, 1 Person


Cyprus aerial sightseeing tour for 1 person


You have not seen Cyprus until you have seen her from the sky!

With this experience you will go on a fascinating flying tour over the island, a tour that you shall never forget. Bring a camera and take home amazing aerial pictures of historic sites, beautiful beaches and azure seas. All glimpsed from the cockpit of one of the Flying-in-Cyprus aircrafts. This one hour sightseeing tour will start from Larnaca airport and you will have the chance to either fly towards Limassol and view Stavrovouni, Lefkara Village, Ayios Mamas Monastery up to Yermasoyia Dam. Or you can fly from Larnaca towards Nicosia and see from high above Stavrovouni and the beautiful Troodos Mountains. The choice is yours.

All aircrafts are fully maintained to international public transport standards, and the pilots have thousands of hours of flying experience, so relax and enjoy the trip of a lifetime in a small private plane!

In the meanitime you will be flying next to the pilot as this experience is in a two seater aircraft and therefore you shall experience firsthand what it means to fly an actual aircraft. This is definitely an experience of a lifetime.
– Flying Tour is for 1 Hour For 1 Person Only
– All aircrafts maintained to international standards
-All pilots highly experienced


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