Fun Make-Up Tutorial


Beautify Me Make Up Lessons For Beginners


Book this experience for yourself or with a group of friends and learn the secrets and techniques of the correct application of makeup in a fun and relaxing manner. This make-up tutorial will be conducted by a trained consultant and in just an hour or so you’ll be blending shades and layering up like a cosmetic professional.  Even though makeup it’s something used every day, you will be shown the correct makeup techniques, what suits your face characteristics and which colours complement your skin tones the best.
This experience takes place at BeautifyMe Beauty Salon, therefore you will enjoy the makeup tutorial in a private and relaxing environment. There are no hidden fees or extra costs, just lots of fun and learning techniques.
And why not, make this makeup tutorial even more fun and book it with a group of friends (max 5 persons total) with some wine, cheese and giggles. *Each person attending will need 1 voucher of this experience.


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