Private Jet Flying Experience To Lebanon


Experience flying a private jet to Lebanon for a day



The ultimate flying experience. Get the chance to fly a private jet to Beirut Lebanon and at the same time spend the day in Beirut with a personalised programme to your needs. Let your chauffeur drive you around Beirut for a short luxury shopping tour, visit 5 star hotel bars with astonishing top floor views for drinks, dine at a we known local Lebanese restaurant, visit the casino, buy some Lebanese sweets and fly back to Cyprus on the same day. At the end of your trip al passengers will receive a flight training certificate by approved organization.

Experience includes:

• Day trip to Lebanon
• Pick of from Hotel and transferred to Larnaca Aviation Center
• 50 minutes flight to Beirut with private jet
• Arrive at Air Executive Luxury Airport in Beirut
• Pick up with luxury car (personal driver throughout the whole day)
• Luxury Shopping Tour
• Hamra Street Bazaar Tour
• Shopping for Lebanese sweets
• Casino
• Return to Air Executive Luxury Airport
• Flight to Cyprus
• Pick up from Larnaca Aviation Center via luxury car and return to hotel
• On the way to Beirut the passengers will have the opportunity to fly the plane. At the end of their trip they will receive a flight training certificated by approved organization
• The program is flexible and the passengers can spend their time in Beirut where ever they prefer using their chauffeur at all times.

Price: €2200 for 1-3 persons

No. of People 1-3

Duration of activity: 12h


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