Cocktail Masterclass for 2 Persons


Mastering the art of cocktail making has never been more fun


You and a friend can now learn how to mix perfect cocktails and master the art of cocktail making! You will have the opportunity to learn some tricks and techniques from an international award-winning Bartender & Mixologist.

He will lead you through the cocktail bar where the masterclass will be held, and classic cocktail combinations, passing on some of his vast knowledge about the art of mixing. You will learn how to work with bar equipment like a pro and create popular classic cocktails behind the bar, whilst receiving guidance from the instructor. At the end of the masterclass you will be ready to throw a house party for your friends and impress them with your bartending skills and delicious cocktails.

Get your partner or a friend and book an evening full of fun, shaking, muddling, tasting and drinking, whilst learning under the guidance of the cocktail Champion!


What’s included:

  • Price is for 2 adults over 18 years old
  • Introduction to cocktails and mixology; Cocktail categories
  • Basic techniques of cocktail preparation (pouring, jiggering, shaking, stirring, muddling, straining, building up, layering, blending,…)
  • Preparation of 10 classic and contemporary cocktails
  • Cocktail Recipe Book for each participant

Masterclass Duration

2-3 hours


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